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The Table Company is a US-owned consumer-direct manufacturer that builds every table we sell, dedicated to producing quality at a price you deserve.

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  • Consumer Centered Operations – Factory Direct
  • Our Design Process

Consumer Centered Operations – Factory Direct

Our ability to directly source our solid hardwood to then handcraft a wide variety of timeless designs is what makes us truly unique. Having full control of production and distribution allows us to eliminate several layers of middle agents guaranteeing outstanding quality at an extraordinarily low price, making us a boutique furniture company with great pride in our materials, production process, and consumer support.

So what are the benefits for the consumer? Lower cost! The efficiency of direct-to-consumer operations saves 30-60% of table prices. Free shipping! On both purchases and returns. Enough said. Full customized design! Pick the wood, pick the size, pick the finish. Get the table you want. Personal support! Email, chat, or call at your convenience. Help is available and free for material samples, design, purchase & delivery, and any other issue you wish to discuss with us. Think we are wrong? Test us against our rivals.

Our Design Process

An Interpretation of The Table Company by Yotsapat Tatakun



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